A Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist

Widow Kate Livingston requires a twelve-move plan for worriers. Actually. Did any one at any time run a qualifications look at on the ice cream gentleman? She wasn’t generally this way, but her husband’s dying and the stunning aftermath rocked her very…

Martian Knightlife

ISBN 10 : 9780671318444
ISBN 13 : 0671318446

A futuristic private eye finds himself taking on the cases of a teleported scientist with amnesia, an archaeological expedition taking on a greedy corporation out to destroy ancien..

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The Delta Star

ISBN 10 : 9781453234228
ISBN 13 : 1453234225

A cheap hooker known as Missy Moonbeam takes a fatal dive from the roof of a seedy hotel, but what was she doing with a Caltech phone number? And what does that prestigious think t..

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The Maine Man

ISBN 10 : 9781459253308
ISBN 13 : 1459253302

By the Year 2000: MARRIAGE What have you resolved to do by the year 2000? Ten years ago—in their wild college days—Meg Danley and her two best friends made a vow that they'd al..

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White Line Fever

ISBN 10 : 9781471112713
ISBN 13 : 1471112713

Lemmy’s name was synonymous with notorious excess. His blood would have killed another human being. This is the up-to-date story of the heaviest drinking, oversexed speedfreak in..

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ISBN 10 : 9781476792545
ISBN 13 : 1476792542

Book 1 of the After series—newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up one billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the int..

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Shakespeare S Counselor

ISBN 10 : 9781429975032
ISBN 13 : 1429975032

Cleaning woman and karate expert Lily Bard is a woman with a complicated past. Trying her best to cope with her terrifying memories and horrible nightmares, she decides to join a w..

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