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Freedom S Stand

ISBN 10 : 1414360584
ISBN 13 : 9781414360584

Three foreigners living in war-ravaged Afghanistan--Jamil, a newly-converted Christian; relief worker Amy Mallory; and Special Forces veteran Steve Wilson--search for love and free..

Freedom S Last Stand

ISBN 10 : 9781512727036
ISBN 13 : 1512727032

Silver-medalist Olympian Istvan Hernek shares his wisdom with the children and grandchildren of the United States. Through the joys and perils of his early childhood in Hungary to ..

The Four Freedoms

ISBN 10 : 9780199376230
ISBN 13 : 0199376239

The specter of global war loomed large in President Franklin Roosevelt's mind as he prepared to present his 1941 State of the Union address. He believed the United States had a rol..

Freedom Of The Press

ISBN 10 : 9781851094714
ISBN 13 : 1851094717

An authoritative yet accessible analysis of the historical development and contemporary scope of press freedoms in America. * Extensive A–Z entries on key individuals such as Ant..

Freedom S Last Stand

ISBN 10 : 9781304361202
ISBN 13 : 1304361209


The Influence Of Faith

ISBN 10 : 9780585381657
ISBN 13 : 0585381658

Realists have long argued that the international system must be based on hard calculations of power and interest. But in recent years, religion's role on the international scene ha..

Religious Liberty

ISBN 10 : 0664253601
ISBN 13 : 9780664253608

John Courtney Murray is renowned for his contributions to American ethical debates and well known for his defense of civil religious freedom. He strongly felt that religion should ..