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Days Of God

ISBN 10 : 9781416597827
ISBN 13 : 1416597824

A myth-busting insider’s account of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that destroyed US influence in the country and transformed the politics of the Middle East and the world. The 1..

Days Of God

ISBN 10 : 9781416597773
ISBN 13 : 1416597778

Looks at the history of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, examining the forces to which it responded and its truly radical nature...

Days Of God

ISBN 10 : 9781848545427
ISBN 13 : 1848545428

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was a turning-point in modern history. The destruction of the Iranian monarchy not only upset the political order in the Middle East and brought on a..

The Holy Days Of God The Holidays Of Man

ISBN 10 : 9781475959666
ISBN 13 : 1475959664

For two thousand years, the Church Universal has celebrated the life of our Lord. At Christmas, we remember and celebrate his birth in a stable in Bethlehem. We watch him grow to a..

The Clarity Of God S Days Of Time

ISBN 10 : 9780741430052
ISBN 13 : 0741430053

There has been this very old oxymoron (created by man) concerning God's length of time for each “day” of His six creation days. Man declares that each creation day was one of o..

The Seven Days Of God

ISBN 10 : 9781304996381
ISBN 13 : 1304996387

In this book God’s word is used to symbolically explain the meaning and purpose of each creation day and how each day can be applied to the life of every believer. God wants to c..

Ninety Days Of God S Goodness

ISBN 10 : 9781601423542
ISBN 13 : 1601423543

Daily Assurance in the Face of Life’s Hardest Struggles When life throws challenges at us, our view of God’s presence can become cloudy. If God is good, why is there so much ev..