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Captivated By Love

ISBN 10 : 0979916550
ISBN 13 : 9780979916557

Book 4 of the Granger Series presents the father of Jace, Caden and Dalton Granger. After being locked up for a crimehe did not commit, Sheppard Granger is back to take over the re..

Captured By Love

ISBN 10 : 9781946466143
ISBN 13 : 194646614X

Women are you ready to throw off what the world says you should look and be like, and find your security and identity in what your Heavenly Father says? Do you struggle to disciple..

Captivated By Love

ISBN 10 : 1742555683
ISBN 13 : 9781742555683

His interest in her is purely professional, or so he tells himself. Nash Kirkland has sought out the alluring Morgana Donovan to help him research his latest screenplay, though the..

Captivated By Love

ISBN 10 : 1578470021
ISBN 13 : 9781578470020


Virgil S Georgics

ISBN 10 : 0520037898
ISBN 13 : 9780520037892


Captivated By Your Love

ISBN 10 : 1620158817
ISBN 13 : 9781620158814

She's fire and he's Ice, both demanding and both used to getting their way. Put them together and there is one hell of a storm. Two souls drawn together by an unexplainable force, ..

Pursued By Love

ISBN 10 : 9781466933880
ISBN 13 : 1466933887

This is a love story, but it's radically different because the love of God breaks into the novel like a whirlwind. What is the price of such love? Are the characters, especially on..