Two twin sister’s Robbing Banks by way of Identity Theft. One twin sister is involved with a high profile drug lord and doesn’t even realize she’s his side chick until she’s deeply in love and too far over her head to ever leave him. This is a erotica, romance, thriller, suspense that has many…

Made U Look

ISBN 10 : 1548542202
ISBN 13 : 9781548542207

Two twin sisters Robbing banks by way of Identity theft. One twin sister is involved with the city's biggest drug lord and doesn't realize that she's his side chick until its too l..

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Made You Look

ISBN 10 : 1554515602
ISBN 13 : 9781554515608

Outlines the history and purpose of advertising, discusses target audiences, the techniques advertisers use, hidden advertisements, limits on advertising, and ways to strike back a..

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When You Look Up

ISBN 10 : 1500603406
ISBN 13 : 9781500603403

When You Look Up: Selection of Poems Vol 1 reflects some of author Patricia Westbrook's hero's journey. Part way through her voyage, she suddenly finds herself lost and alone. Hear..

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Experiences Volume 1 A Church Affair

ISBN 10 : 9780976053651
ISBN 13 : 0976053659

A quick romance develops between a minister and a young lady in the congregation. Despite the fact the minister is married and a man of the cloth, this romance/drama unfolds and tw..

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Doctrine And Covenants Made Easier Volume 1

ISBN 10 : 9781462110438
ISBN 13 : 1462110436

Noted teacher and gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings the Doctrine and Covenants to life with his well-known teaching skills. As with his other books in the Gospel Studies Series..

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