Have you ever wondered if the life you were living was buried under a cloud of unknowing, that sort of empty feeling; never really fitting into the “normal” teenage girl mold, waiting for the other shoe to drop. A dark hole filled with all the doubts and questions you know needs revealing….


ISBN 10 : 0985236418
ISBN 13 : 9780985236410

Thomas Jet is a successful investment banker from Chicago. His life is well ordered until his father dies, and he makes a promise to go on a fateful journey to a family reunion in ..

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Awaken To The New World Order

ISBN 10 : 9781329779570
ISBN 13 : 1329779576

The 5th book by Zen Garcia, details the author's personal awakening to what the world has come to know as the New World Order. Accompanied by the illustrations of well known graphi..

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